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Welcome to Key Peninsula Lutheran Church


Key Peninsula Lutheran Church is located at the corner of Key Peninsula Highway and Lackey Road, between Key Center and Home on the Key Peninsula of the south Puget Sound, Washington.  We are a small congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, however many of our members come from a variety of denominational backgrounds. 


Bound together by basic Christian faith and a firm belief in the teachings of Jesus, the church membership is more like a family than a congregation.  Although the membership has diverse interests and backgrounds, we are all committed to serving the community and improving the lives of families on the peninsula. 



Church History


The church was founded in 1978, meeting initially at the Vaughn Community Center.  In 1984 the congregation completed construction of the present church building, built from lumber taken from the property, with construction work done by members of the church. 


In 2002 we completed construction of our fellowship hall, a large meeting area with a kitchen, nursery, and bathroom facilities.  The fellowship hall was designed to meet the needs of the community, and is used for meetings, workshops, social gatherings, emergency shelter, and community meals.  Its future uses may include a day school and an after-school "latchkey" program.  The congregation uses the facility for Sunday school and after-service coffee hour.


Come visit!  Church services are Sundays at 10:30 am. (beginning January 3, 2010)
Our Mission Statement
To the glory of God and empowered by His love and
grace, we commit ourselves to spiritual growth and
offer our resources to our neighbors. 

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